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Concrete Cutting & Removal

removal 2In this process, concrete is cut into smaller pieces using a saw and then the slabs / pieces are removed by excavator. This method ensures minimum impact on surrounding structures, emitting lesser dust and noise.

We have the ability to remove your concrete with our Bobcat E20 Excavator & we also can remove it ourselves with our light truck tipper.

We also have Hydraulic Grab for safer removal of concrete & our Rock Hammer can break up your concrete structure with ease.



  • Concrete Cutting Shepparton
    Cut & Removes of Concrete are always made easier when Echuca Moama bobcat and excavator hire is available. Jack has the cool gear to get it all done.
    When you choose us to remove your concrete you have peace of mind that we only use the best operator. This is just the start of this project, 47m of tilt panels to be removed soon.
    Note: 19 x 300mm x 2000mm Steel Bollards/ Concrete Filled For Sale.

    Concrete Removal Shepparton 01
    Concrete Removal Shepparton 02
    Concrete Removal Shepparton 03
    Concrete Removal Shepparton 04

  • Concrete Removal Nathalia

    What to do on another Public Holiday? You guessed it we worked! Crossover Removal in Nathalia for Senior Builders. Our new Excavator with Hydraulic Grab not only makes it easy it also makes it Safe.

  • Concrete Cut and Removal Avenel
    You don’t see a 200mm thick footpath every day & in all places a quiet country town. Thanks to Echuca Moama bobcat and excavator hire for giving us a hand with these works. When in need of a Road Registered Excavator & the know how we choose to use Jack.

    Polished Concrete Bendigo 01
    Polished Concrete Bendigo 02
    Polished Concrete Bendigo 03
    Polished Concrete Bendigo 04
    Polished Concrete Bendigo 05

  • Concrete Cutting Tooleybuc
    We cover a large area doing what we do. Today we were in Tooleybuc NSW doing a Cut & Remove at the local school for a new Lift Install. We also asked Jack from Echuca Moama bobcat and excavator hire to assist in digging out 1700mm (3500mm x 3500mm) then Augering 4 x 450mm x 2600mm Holes for Piers making them 4400mm below ground level, everything is too easy for Jack.

    Concrete Cutting Tooleybuc 01
    Concrete Cutting Tooleybuc 02
    Concrete Cutting Tooleybuc 03
    Concrete Cutting Tooleybuc 04
    Concrete Cutting Tooleybuc 05

  • Concrete Cutting & Removal Campbellfield Melbourne
    Another one bites the dust. We were tasked with Cutting & Removing Concrete in Campbellfield, Removing a 3000lt tank, then reinstating concrete after getting the approval from the soil testers. We do all these works at RCC by our skilled workers. We can’t wait to have a few days off to do it all over again.

    Concrete Cutting And Removal Melbourne 01
    Concrete Cutting And Removal Melbourne 02
    Concrete Cutting And Removal Melbourne 03
    Concrete Cutting And Removal Melbourne 04
    Concrete Cutting And Removal Melbourne 05

  • Concrete Cutting Deniliquin
    Smashed out a big Cut & Remove in Deniliquin.
    Our ground protection mats come in handy to protect the lawn which we have available for every job. Don’t get your grass chewed up anymore.

    Concrete Cutting Deniliquin 02
    Concrete Cutting Deniliquin 03
    Concrete Cutting Deniliquin 04
    Concrete Cutting Deniliquin 05