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Wall Sawing

new wall sawThe uses of wall sawing typically include cutting windows, doors, various building modifications such as elevators, stair openings, and separation cuts for demolition. Wall saws are track mounted and demonstrate incredibly precise dimensions in nearly all areas of a building, namely walls, floors, roof, beams, and footings. Our wall saws have the capability to create cuts up to 730mm from one side at any angle and can even cut flush to adjacent surfaces.  

Our Wallsaw is fully electric remote controlled with capabilities that can cut through reinforced concrete, precast concrete, brick, and besser block.

We have yet to come across a concrete structure that we cannot handle.

  • Concrete Wall Sawing Kilmore Vic
    We headed down to Kilmore to Wallsaw 730mm deep using our Hilti Wallsaw. Our crew were able to cut all 4 sides off this bridge for widening of roadway & the client is now weeks ahead of schedule after using us to get these works completed. We have all the latest equipment which is available 24/7.

    Concrete Wallsawing Kilmore 01
    Concrete Wallsawing Kilmore 02
    Concrete Wallsawing Kilmore 03
    Concrete Wallsawing Kilmore 04
    Concrete Wallsawing Kilmore 05